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Posted By Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park on 05/26/2018

The Many Benefits of Taking Age-Appropriate Risk

The Many Benefits of Taking Age-Appropriate Risk

By Jacqueline Corcoran

Naturally Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is all about having FUN while climbing around and being active, but it’s also about teaching kids to push through their perceived limits and boundaries. Those are some of the vital life skills we try to pass along, that by facing up to challenges you’ll ultimately feel a sense of pride in overcoming them.

The many positive rewards from rising to a challenge are innumerable and well documented. The way we react to our children taking age-appropriate risks is crucial to developing mentally strong and emotionally healthy adults. Scientific studies reveal that the many ways in which modern day play has been stripped of risk, ultimately does our children more harm than good. Encouraging and championing our kids to embrace challenges as opportunities is essential to their personal growth, inner strength, and development.

Why is tackling age-appropriate risk important, and what opportunities does Wild Blue Ropes provide?

  • Practicing balance on uneven, moving surfaces (and yes – you are safely connected by a secure harness system).
  • Coordinating left brain and right brain functions by climbing suspended obstacles. 
  • Improving planning skills (executive function) while figuring out how to conquer a specific element / challenge.
  • Learning you can be a little nervous, but to try something anyway (= bravery)!
  • Accepting the possibility of not always succeeding on a first attempt, but having the willingness and grit to try again.
  • Developing increased steadiness and physical coordination.
  • Believing in the possibility of ultimately succeeding, even when obstacles are initially daunting.

Congrats to all of YOU (parents & kiddos) who have faced our ropes course – and your own fears – and tackled Wild Blue Ropes with courage and enthusiasm. We hope you reap the benefits for many years to come!

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