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Posted By Content Amplified on 10/10/2017 in Hiking

Safety Concerns When Backpacking

Safety Concerns When Backpacking

We all want to seek some thrill through an adventure. Most times we just decide to go backpacking because it's a great way to pass the time. Also, backpacking also gives us a unique experience by providing a clear view of how beautiful a country or place can be, to soak up the culture. When hiking, the trail runs across various countryside's and meanders through exciting wilderness.

Like most individuals already know, when it comes to hiking, there is a lot of demands on your body such as trekking for long hours and carrying a heavy backpack of supplies. One can have an unpleasant hiking experience when it comes to backpacking and being unprepared. You should be prepared for your experience and that takes a lot of preparation. Let's focus on some tips to help you keep safe when on a hike. 

backpacking safety

•    Pack Light: You may feel that you need to add more stuff to make your backpacking trip more comfortable. Always try to avoid placing unnecessary items in your backpack, do you really need to take your IPAD?. You would feel more comfortable if you are traveling light and you have better chances of moving swiftly if the need ever arose.

•    Take some defense Classes: You might face some threat on your backpacking trip. It is vital that you take some defense classes to enable you to defend yourself against attackers should you come in contact with them while backpacking. You need to be able to protect yourself against various forms of dangers that you might encounter as a backpacker. Don't become another statistic.

•    Complete Medical Kit: It is essential that you also have a complete medical kit when backpacking. Accidents do happen, so you need to be fully prepared for them. You need to always update your medical kit to suit the location of your backpacking trip. It's important to conduct background study of areas you wish to backpack to know the ailments and potential dangers that may be common. For example, when backpacking in a location where there are lots of snakes, you need anti-venom for the breeds of snake known to that area.

•    Hide your Cash: When backpacking, it is important to hide your cash or to have secret pockets where you can safely stash your cash. This is helpful in case you come in contact with muggers as your cash would be safe if the muggers decide to search you. It is important that your cash is stashed somewhere that does not draw attention to it.

•    Split your cash: It is also important to split your cash and hide them in various safe corners. If you happen to come in contact with muggers or thieves, it is important that you have a little money you can fall back on, hence the need to always split your cash when backpacking. Splitting your cash saves you from the stress and embarrassment of being stranded should you come in contact with muggers. Never place all your eggs in one basket.

•    Get a Travelling Medical Insurance: During the course of backpacking, you may get sick or become injured, it would be nice to note that you can get the best medical treatment wherever you may find yourself backpacking if you have a valid Travel Medical Insurance. Another benefit of Travel Medical Insurance is that it gets you a quick exit in times of emergency or if there are no proper medical facilities for your ailment.

It is important to note that you have to put all this into consideration before engaging on a backpacking trip for you to be prepared for any occurrence during your backpack trip. One other consideration to think about is your survival knife. Don't leave home without it.

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