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Posted By Content Amplified on 01/09/2018 in Outdoor Adventures

Starting An Outdoor Adventure Company

Starting An Outdoor Adventure Company

Starting an outdoor adventure travel company is all about your passion for adventure and making the leap. The entrepreneurs enjoy an inviting environment where they can build the business they love.

Adventure travel not only engages your body but your mind also reaps tons of benefits from staying in the outdoors, closer to nature. So, if you love adventure and the outdoors, you can start your own adventure company and become a part of $60-billion industry.

Choose company structure and get a license

The first step to start your adventure tourism business is to choose a business structure. Are you going to be a sole proprietorship or is it going to be a corporation?

Once you have decided on the business structure, you have to get a license from your city of government office. To get the license, you will need to meet specific needs that your city/government office has asked for. Usually, you will need to provide the name of your company along with its official address and contact information. You will also need to pay the registration fee.

Once you receive a license for the business, you can start taking people to their favorite adventure.

Become certified

Although you can bring people backpacking after you have received your license, it’s wise to become certified. Look for the certification authority where you live. Visit their office and get all the information you need. A certification will help you deal with emergencies that could otherwise bring down your adventure business.

Don’t restrict yourself

starting your adventure businessYou should start by offering trips to your favorite routes. However, you should not restrict your company to these selected routes and trips. Choose several routes so that you can offer your clients something different every time they come back for an adventure trip.

Ideally, you should choose tracks of varying lengths and difficulty. Don't plan to take fragile adventure tourists to a hike that will take three days to complete. Have an easy single-day hike for these tourists.

Be wise when setting your prices

Even when you love taking people to adventure, you don’t want to lose money while doing so. After all, you have started a company because you wanted to make some money.

When setting prices, be ready to do research. Check with the local competitors and make notes of what they offer. Learn about their specialties and see what you can offer to your clients. Don’t sell yourself short but try to offer some kind of undercut to your first few clients.

Get covered

The final step is to get travel insurance. You don't want to take other people on adventure unless you know that you are covered. Sometimes, the outdoor adventure can become dangerous and invite trouble. You may have no control over it despite having the expertise.

Once you have bought insurance to cover all possible liabilities, don’t forget to include its price in your fee as you have to pay annual premiums.

After setting up your company, promote it like crazy. Go ahead and connect with everyone you know. Tell them what you have to offer. Be sure to take attractive pictures and post them on social media. Ask your clients to share their experiences and leave you testimonials. Eventually, it’s going to be your passion for the outdoors that will help you succeed in this industry. 

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