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Posted By Content Amplified on 09/29/2017 in The Great Outdoors

Top 5 Things You Need In Your Backpack

Top 5 Things You Need In Your Backpack

A backpack is an adventurer’s best friend. Whether climbing, hiking, or cruising on your bike, what you put in your rucksack is always critical. We have put together a list of five things that should go into every outdoor explorer’s backpack.


Outdoor adventures are rarely complete without giving you a few bruises. As long as you have a first-aid kit in your backpack, these minor injuries won’t ruin the fun.

A bandage/plaster, some painkillers, and antibacterial ointment are the few things that should go into your bag before you put anything else there. 

If you are an avid adventurer, you should consider putting together a basic first-aid kit in your bag. Alternatively, you can buy a first-aid kit from a pharmacy or an outdoor equipment store.

Fire lighter/fire source

Fire is the reason we have made it through the Stone Age. If you want to survive in the outdoors, you need to keep a fire source in your backpack. Long-lasting butane lighter might serve the purpose well.

If you plan to stay outdoors for weeks, you need to buy a match-less fire starter. Matches often get wet and may not prove useful during humid weather. Similarly, butane lighter may not last for weeks, especially when you have to deal with the tough weather.

Flashlight/light source

A flashlight is one of the five essential items for your backpack that you can’t miss whether adventuring with friends or going alone on a hike.

If you are planning a camping trip, a flashlight is the first thing to pack. You can buy a little torch or opt for professional grade flashlight. If your trip will last for weeks without you ever getting close to a power source, consider buying solar-powered flashlights. That way, you can easily charge your light during the daytime using the sunlight and use it at night when it's fully charged.

Swiss knife/knife

A knife can help you with a lot of things from cutting tree branches to making rope. It’s a universal tool that can prove to be the most important tool you need when camping.

You can also use a knife for self-defense. It can help you dig holes in the ground (useful when camping) and even prove handy when hunting food during your outdoor adventure.

If you want something more versatile, consider buying a Swiss Army knife. It is a multi-purpose tool that comes with various options. You have a knife, a screwdriver, a bottle/can opener, scissors, and much more.

Be sure to buy a high-quality knife (or a Swiss Army knife) and keep it dry to keep the rust away. Clean it with a dry cloth after you have finished using it.


 A rope is a versatile tool that has so many uses for outdoor explorers that it has to go into every backpack.

You can use a rope to make a temporary shelter. It’s also useful for gathering food as it helps in building traps. Once you have gathered food, you can use the rope to hang the food away from animals that might interfere with your dinner.

If you are planning a hiking trip, you can’t go without a rope. It’s the first thing to add to your backpack. You can use it to climb steep heights.

When buying a rope, be sure to go for a thin strong rope so that you can easily put it in your bag. A thick rope will not only make a mess of other stuff in your bag but it will also add more weight to your backpack and make your trips uncomfortable.


Outdoor adventures are fun as long as you have everything in your backpack you might need during the trip. Be sure to add only essential items and avoid making it too heavy to carry. If you have room for more items, add a water bottle, a sanitizer, something to eat, an extra pair of socks, a compass, a map, and plastic sheeting to your backpack.

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