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Posted By Content Amplified on 11/14/2017 in Hiking

Top Places To Backpack In US

Top Places To Backpack In US

Hiking has been the oldest form of travel in the world. Early Humans were wanderers moving from place to place and taking long hikes to hunt and bring back food. Nowadays, it's one of the best exercises to get fit and to help build long-term relationships, but where are the best places to hike, especially if you live in the United States. If you plan on hiking in the United States, the following are some very nice places for you to hike.

•    Grand Canyon National Park: The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the best places to hike in the US, located in Northwestern Arizona is often regarded as the jewel of the US national park program. It is also a very busy place as the Grand Canyon National Park experience more than 5 million hikers annually. Grand Canyon National Park has a unique view as you get a nice view of the gorge of the Colorado River which is referred to as one of the wonders of the world.

The Grand Canyon National Park boasts of about 15 trails which makes hiking fun.

•    John Muir Trail: Located in San Francisco North Carolina is also another great location for hiking. The John Muir Trail spans up to 339 kilometers. The John Muir Trail has a very difficult terrain as the trail fails to go below 8000 feet. Hikers who take up the challenge are treated to lots of mountain lakes, granite cliffs, and canyons.

•    Mount Whitney: Mount Whitney is just a couple of miles away from the Hollywood city of Los Angelis. The Mount Whitney is about 14,497 feet (4,418 meters) above sea level and boasts of trails up to a hundred years old. If you really love a good challenge, then Mount Whitney is your match. Only half of the persons that attempt hiking on Mount Whitney are able to complete the hike, leaving others to turn back.

•    Denali National Park: The Denali National Park:  Located in Alaska presents hiking to the fullest. If you wish to enjoy hiking to the fullest, then the Denali National Park is the place to visit. The Denali National Park has the unique features of a true backcountry hiking and as such you get to encounter the natural challenge that comes with hiking. The Denali National Park unlike most national parks, it gives the old school pattern of hiking where you need to create your own trail and also find your course. You will encounter a dangerous and uneven terrain and might also run into some wild while hiking in Denali National Park. Hiking in Denali National Park is seen as the true definition of backcountry hiking in a modern world.

•    Pacific Coast Trail: The Pacific Coast Trail offers you a unique view of the Western part of the United States. The Pacific Coast Trail spans across three states and has a distance of about 2,650 miles. Hiking in Pacific Coast Trail is more of sightseeing as you get to hike through seven national parks, more than 60 mountains, about a thousand lakes, and some national forests. You also get to hike through six out of the seven eco-zone in North America and about nineteen canyons. The Pacific Coast Trail is a very great hiking route.

appalachian trail

•    Appalachian Trail: The Appalachian Trail just like the Pacific Coast Trail, the Appalachian Trail cuts across various states and monuments. You can mail care packages to routes you would be hiking through for your upkeep while hiking.

For the best hiking experience in the US, you can decide to visit any of the above-listed areas. You are sure to get an experience of a lifetime.

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