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Posted By Content Amplified on 12/15/2017 in Outdoor Adventures

What is an Adventure Tour Guide?

What is an Adventure Tour Guide?

An outdoor adventure tour guide leads tourists to various outdoor activities such as skiing, rafting, backpacking, and climbing. 

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Being an adventure guide is the best job you can get on this planet. You get to do what you love. Your options are unlimited.

Do adventure tour guides obtain any certifications and training?

Although you don’t need any particular certification or training to work as an adventure guide, the industry has developed its own standards.

People with a bachelor’s degree in subjects like geography, history, and geology may have a competitive edge when it comes to finding employment.

Outdoor adventure businesses are required to have risk management policy in place. As a result, they often require agents to receive certain training. If a business has a higher level of risk, they will require agents to be well trained for the particular outdoor activities.

As an adventure guide, you may need to have a Class 4 or 5 driver’s license along with a clean driving record.

Additionally, having the following certifications can help an adventure guide find employment in all seasons.

  • First aid course
  • Wilderness course
  • Outdoor academic program
  • Other discipline-dependent training and certifications

Outdoor adventure guides are people who want to be hardcore. However, that's not all you need to become a successful agent. Skills like leadership and communication are a core part of being an entertaining guide.

If you want to be an outdoor travel agent, there is no stopping you. Gain experience and develop your skills. An ideal adventure career path is waiting for you.

Job responsibilities of an adventure tour guide

As an adventure tour guide, your main responsibility is to help tourists participate in outdoor adventure activities. As a tour guide, you should be able to organize the tour and provide comprehensive tour narration to the participants.

Apart from regular duties as a tour agent, adventure agents also need to possess additional skills. Many outdoor activities are high-risk sports that require proper training. Think of kayaking and mountaineering. As an adventure tour guide, you need to have a good understanding of the risks and safety measures.

Outdoor activities often involve a risk. It means an agent may have to provide first aid help to the tourists.

Since you are going to take tourists to outdoor adventure, expect to be asked a lot of questions related to wildlife, local culture, and plants. It's important that an agent has in-depth knowledge of these things along with the ability to conduct an outdoor activity.

What’s so exciting about being an adventure tour guide?

You are going to change people’s lives as an adventure tour guide. You will give tourists memories that will last a lifetime. You will connect them to remote communities that will reshape the way they think about people.

You also get to explore the world as an adventure tour guide. You get paid to travel the world and take the people to exciting outdoor activities.

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