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Posted By Jesse St Louis on 03/26/2018 in Outdoors

How to find Treasure Hunt Falls

I found a secret hidden waterfall in Southern California and decided to name it "Treasure Hunt Falls."  We were there before all the recent rains, so it's probably flowing much better now.  I decided to keep the location secret but I did provide clues in the video and have written out the poem below that will lead you to the "treasure." 

"In the shadow of St. Monica's stone of sand, off the shoulder of the good herb she keeps in her hand, lies a giant crack in the wall, that some have named Treasure Hunt Falls. 

It's quite a trek that you must overcome. Three saucers overflow with all of that fun. 

There's whacking and thwacking through brumble and brush. And though you might tumble, it's still worth the rush. 

But before you circle that x that marks the spot, beware the dangers and ponder this thought: Though only a mile and a quarter as the crow flies, your day will grow shorter as four hours pass by."

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