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VRBO Alternative

Looking For A Vrbo Alternative to promote your vacation rental

So you want a VRBO alternative (Vacation Rentals By Owner) promote your vacation rental or your log cabin rental and why not, you can save yourself a fortune in all those hidden fees whilst reaching the right demographic. However, you may also want another avenue that will work hand in glove with VRBO and that's ok too, but as the competition gets fierce out there in the vacation rental market, and, it is clear that many small businesses are looking for an alternative to VRBO. 

log cabinThe issues at hand are mainly the hidden fee's and the time that it takes to receive income from your bookings, and for a small business that financial income flow is essential to the success or failure of your business. It may look great on paper that you have so many bookings, but in reality, if you do not have the cash-flow to sustain the costs of running your vacation rental business, then your business model is doomed to fail. Furthermore, you may not be able to fulfill the bookings that you have if you find your business in financial turmoil. Now to exacerbate the issues, you have to hike your prices just enough so that you cover the shortfall and that is often not enough, so the earnings for a booking is swallowed up. 

3RD Party Bookings

Some of the biggest issues with 3rd party booking sites is that often the booking can get lost, there are so many steps that you have to take and no system is full proof. Therefore, it would make sense to be able to deal direct with your potential guests so there are no issues confirming or booking and you will know what you have and when you can have it. The other benefit is that your booking fee can be taken by you and therefore you have a deposit that will help you with your cash-flow. We are actively working on linking with a a system that will allow you to take a deposit for your bookings right on your profile. This system will be available soon and you will have the choice to use it or not.

"Maggie is just getting paid having waited for 3 months....small flow is a killer"

VRBO Alternative Or Just Another Avenue Of Support?

VRBO is not a bad system by any manner of means, but when you become a global phenomena, there are so many other aspects and costs to look at and unfortunately it's the members who suffer. So, you have a choice, do you work another alternative to VRBO into your plans and run them both or do you separate yourself in the hope that you can find a better home so to speak. The reality is of course, your free will decision and the benefits are equally viable. In our previous content on listing your vacation rental with GAO, we went over some of the benefits in joining us and promoting your log cabin rental business with us, whether you are a small business that rents out log cabins or of course a larger vacation rental business. Here is just some of the short term benefits you can get with us;

  • Cost of advertising is dramatically lower - One simple yearly fee
  • Ability to deal direct with your customer
  • Ability to take deposits directly from your customer to help with cashflow
  • No Hidden fees whatsoever
  • A full content marketing platform to help you promote your business online
  • Work hand in hand with your own website
  • Work with VRBO and GAO together or separately - your choice
  • More Features available to promote your business
  • Access to marketing coaching
  • A professional Testimonial System you control
  • Upload Multiple Properties (up to 5) for one small fee
There are so many benefits to adding GAO to your marketing plan in 2018 and as we are a community that is free to adventure enthusiasts and adventure businesses, you can be assured that as we grow, the opportunity for you to market direct to the consumers that are looking for your log cabin or vacation home is greatly improved. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and our launch prices are so low, that you won't miss it, and even when we increase our prices they will remain the most competitive and feature rich in the market. However, if you get in early, you will miss all increases.

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